Chickasaw Nation Rebates
This program provides storm shelters for privately owned homes of Chickasaw citizens. Required application is available at the Housing Administration office. An applicant can expect to find out within 10 business days if he/she qualifies to be placed on the waiting list. For citizens at large, grants will be provided for up to $2,500 for installation of storm shelters.


SoonerSafe Safe Room Rebate Program
The SoonerSafe – Safe Room RebateProgram was developed by the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management to provide a rebate for purchase and installation of safe rooms for Oklahoma homeowners. Everyone can go online and apply for a rebate that draws twice a year.The Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management says the proposed program would be statewide and help homeowners offset the cost of a shelter.

Red Cross

Contact your local Red Cross chapter and find out which programs are available in your local area. They have proven to be a great source of help, during disasters.

The latest Red Cross grants are for the purchase and installation of individual storm shelters to help people become safer and stronger in the face of future disasters. Oklahoma municipalities, counties, and tribes receiving the Red Cross grants include the City of Newcastle, City of Midwest City, City of Norman, Pottawatomie County (program administered by the City of Shawnee), Cleveland County, Canadian County, the Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

The Red Cross is currently working on agreements to provide storm shelter grants to at least three other municipalities, counties, and or tribes in the storm affected areas.

The specific shelter programs are fully administered by the community receiving the grant. To qualify for Red Cross funding in communities in the program, shelters must meet or exceed FEMA standards.






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