All of our Storm Shelter are engineered and designed to last for many, many years, and comes with an excellent Guarantee. Our manufacturer’s warranty against leakage in the concrete structure is for a period of 10 years from the date of installation. This includes the seal where the two units are joined. Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. All of our professional installers are skilled craftsmen, and they are ready to exceed your expectations.

Maintenance Tips for Your New Storm Shelter

It is very important to keep dirt packed around your shelter. After the first few rains, following installation, you will see considerable settling of the dirt around the unit. This is normal. It is necessary to rake the dirt back up against the shelter on all sides. It is recommended by the manufacturer that the dirt remains over halfway up the sides and back of your shelter.

To extend the life of the steel door hinges, it is recommended to lubricate them at least twice a year. Failure to do so may cause hinges to freeze up and/or break off of the door or door frame. Hinge replacement IS NOT covered by our warranty.

The steel door of your shelter has been painted with a metal primer. To prevent rusting, you may wish to re-prime and/or paint when needed. You may also choose to put weatherstripping around the inside of your shelter door to keep the water from leaking in during heavy wind-driven rains. Our warranty does not cover water leaking in around the door, and or the ventilator.

It is not necessary to put any type of waterproofing agent on the outside of your shelter. The manufacturing process itself guarantees the water-tightness of the unit.


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